Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

April 27, 2021, 12:34 pm

Daily Contact Testing Trial Consent Forms

Manor Community Academy Consent Form

The Department for Education is conducting a clinical COVID-19 research trial of Daily Contact Testing, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Social Care.  Schools and colleges across England have been invited to take part in the trial, and Northern Education Trust has agreed to participate.

If your child has been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, and you agree that they can participate in the trial, your consent is needed (children aged over 16 can give their own consent). Please choose your child’s academy from the following list and follow the link to the consent form.

The trial organisers have randomly allocated academies to either a Control Group, or an Intervention Group – the list below shows which group our academies have been allocated to.

Control Groups :

Dyke House Academy
Kirk Balk Academy
Manor Community Academy
Red House Academy
Thorp Academy
Walbottle Academy

Intervention Groups :

The Blyth Academy
Freebrough Academy
The Grangefield Academy
Kearsley Academy
North Shore Academy

The trial will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of daily testing of students and staff who have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.  People who carry out the daily tests will be in the Intervention Group, and will be allowed to carry on attending school as long as they continue to test negative for the virus.  They will still have to self-isolate during the evening and at the weekend. People in the Control Group will follow national guidelines and self-isolate at home, but will carry out two PCR tests during their self-isolation period.

For more information regarding the Daily Contact Testing Trial please visit


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