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  • Northern Education Trust GCSE students perform exceptionally well Northern Education Trust GCSE students perform exceptionally well

    Students and staff are thrilled with the results achieved, in the first GCSE examinations since the pandemic.

    The percentage of students across the trust who have achieved strong passes (at grade 5+) in English and maths has improved by 6% since 2019, up to a fantastic 53%.  The percentage of students achieving standard passes (at grade 4+) in English and maths has improved by 5% since 2019, up to a phenomenal 72%.  Set against the background of the pandemic, and the fact that many of the trust’s academies are located in areas of high deprivation, with 48% of secondary students eligible for free school meals, this is an exceptional achievement.   The overall numbers are expected to far exceed the national percentages at grade 5+ and grade 4+.

    Several secondary academies have been inspected by Ofsted in the last year, all of which improved in their ratings.  Two academies were graded outstanding – Northern Education Trust Dyke House Academy in Hartlepool, and Northern Education Trust North Shore Academy in Stockton on Tees which rose from Requires Improvement straight to Outstanding, having never been judged to be a Good school previously.  Both sets of results reinforce and validate their Ofsted judgements.  North Shore’s results show an increase of 41 percentage points of students entering EBacc – up to 54% from 2019.  The Progress 8 score for their students (based on the current methodology which will change in the autumn) has increased to a massive +0.63, from -0.19 in 2019.  The results for a good pass (grade 5+) in English and Maths at Dyke House have improved 9 percentage points, with their Progress 8 score increasing by one third of a grade.

    Northern Education Trust Manor Academy’s results have seen a continual improvement year on year, with this year being their best ever results in both grade 5+ and grade 4+ in English and maths, an increase in their Progress 8 score, and an increase in the number of students entering and achieving the EBacc qualification.

    Thorp Academy in Tyne and Wear has the highest number of students achieving grade 5+ and grade 4+ within the trust, at 68% and a magnificent 82% respectively.

    Particularly noteworthy is the tremendous progress of students at academies who have joined the trust in recent years: Freebrough and Walbottle.  Students achieving grade 5+ at Freebrough have improved 32 percentage points to 58%; and Walbottle students have improved 33 percentage points to 53%.  79% of Freebrough students have achieved grade 4+, up from 50% in 2019; and the percentage of Walbottle students achieving grade 4+ has increased from 42% to 68% this year.

    All secondary academies have seen an increase in the number of entries to the English Baccalaureate qualification (EBacc) this year, and in particular the aspirational subjects in EBacc (geography, history, modern foreign languages and science).  Overall the number of entries across the trust has increased to 34%, bringing the trust much closer to the expected national figure than previously.

    Rob Tarn, Chief Executive, is over the moon with the results, saying: “Our students have worked incredibly hard over the last few years to achieve these results, with many overcoming difficult barriers to do so.   The improvements since 2019 clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and success of the NORTHERN model of school improvement, allowing us to fulfil our vision of enhancing the life chances of our students.  My thanks go to the staff for their energy and commitment to ensuring our students succeed, and to all parents, carers, governors and the trust board for their continual support.

    “I am extremely proud of our students – these results are the culmination of their incredible efforts and dedication, allowing them to progress to the next stage of their lives with confidence in their abilities to succeed.  My congratulations go to every single one of them, and I wish them every possible success in their future. “

    Student reflections from Manor Academy:

    Reece Garthwaite is a very focused, hardworking and dedicated student who is also feeling very pleased with the results he has achieved. Reece will be studying his A levels at Middlesbrough college before pursuing a career with computers.

    Chloe Jeffries was determined to work hard to receive the results she wanted but worried a lot.  Despite her worries Chloe has achieved great results and the hard work has paid off. Chloe said “I feel overwhelmed and happy because it shows that consistent hard work throughout the years gives a deserving reward.”  Chloe will be studying A Level Maths, Economics, Business and Law at College and aspires to build a career in the business and economics field.

    Georgia Robson was anxious about her results, but with hard work and perseverance she has achieved fantastic results.  As a member of the Youth Parliament, Georgia is passionate about bringing about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning.  With these passions Georgia will be continuing to study at Sixth Form College before pursuing a career in criminal psychology.  She is feeling very happy and proud of herself.

    Leonie Wilson has a medical condition which can cause pain and discomfort, but she did not allow it to impact on her determination to work hard and achieve the wonderful results she so deserves. Feeling very happy with her results, Leonie will be studying A level Biology, Sociology and Geography and English Martyrs Sixth Form, before studying to be a paramedic at University.

    Daniel Kristen was very focused on his studies, and whatever was asked of him, he always gave 100%. Daniel is feeling very pleased with his results and plans to continue his studies at Sixth Form College, before going on to pursue an environmental career.

    Before they leave to embark on the next stage of their lives, students left some words of advice for upcoming GCSE students: do lots but don’t overdo revision; stay positive; don’t worry; take Year 11 one step at a time and try not to become overwhelmed; past papers are your best friend; try not to stress and try to do your best; make sure you revise. Your Learning Manager will always be there to support you, give and advice and help when asked; work hard so when results day comes, you know no matter what your outcomes are, you can feel proud of what you have achieved.

    12:00 pm, 30 August 2022 Published in
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